AL HADAF COPR. With its diversified activities and accumulated experience is now a well established leading in kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of electrical, mechanical engineering.

AL HADAF COPR. Has built its genuine on their ability to execute projects in a rapid, efficient, performing and accurate manner, with an absolute mater mind in commanding advance technologies, combined with experience and challenge aiming to meet targets in diverse environment.

Closer customer relations is a fundamental approach in the services sector, which eliminates confrontation and seek benefits for both parties from team work hoping that you will prequalify our firm as a prospective bidder for electromechanical works for your future projects, we look forward to serve you.

AL HADAF CORP. fully manages and supervised by well qualified and experience engineers, devoted to electromechanical fields. On a turnkey basis, complete design, supply, and installation testing, commissioning and maintenance series for projects.

AL HADAF staff with the skills and knowledge of its specialist engineers and professionals team in their respective fields committed to quality and in-depth services to its customers throughout the region and as always the accent has been the professionalism, expertise and efficient services.

AL HADAF CORP. has successfully completed a log of major projects in various regions of kingdom of Saudi Arabia with highly rank of accuracy and perfection, this profile/prepublication document shows list of some of major completed and current projects.
Management and Organization General Manager Contacting Division
AL HADAF CORP. is manage by the professional administrative and engineers having solid wide background of administration, contracting and engineering practice and capable of combining depth in experience with the latest technologies. The General Manager of AL HADAF CORP. is a uniquely distinguished individual. His primer prospective in this firm is to achieve distinction in work quality as well as quantity and obtain customer’s satisfaction through charisma of critical thinking problem solving, dynamic and solid commitment. This division performs an equally important share in the execution and maintenance of work. Its employees highly skill engineers and personal with the aim of executing the works in a good workmanship manner and in accordance to the super-standards to ensure reliability and safety.
Engineering Division
The engineering division of AL HADAF CORP. is professionally equipped with qualified engineer, technicians and draftsman.

The major methods of execution that are generally adopted for the execution of electromechanical works, would be carefully planned achieve the following targets.
  •  Eliminate delays and materials waste or equipment damage.
  • Maximized utilization of man-power to maintain progress of work within a planned time frame.
  • Ensure high quality of work and adherence to the specifications.
Administration Division
This division controls the firm accounts, finance, and personal administration, support services, Gov. Relations and purchasing. AL HADAF performs in a team-work environment; all are exerting the utmost possible efforts to achieve the best position in among electromechanical companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • To build a strong and solid company in the eye of the customer. 
  • To increase the market share of the company. 
  • To complete the work within the time frame of the contract. 
  • To work as per the projects standard and up to the satisfaction of the concerned parties. 
  • To execute the finishing work as per the high standards. 
  • To make a model project within the available scope of work.
AL HADAF COPR. Has the vision to be an active firm in the improvement of the comport standards of living based on progressive concept, selective sourcing of equipment and material and personal care to clients. It is our commitment to meet personally and systematically every need in fields of electro-mechanical services through a positive input in engineering, perfection and efficiency.